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The Top Flooring Trends In 2019

By Anne Kamau July 17, 2019 0 comments

We all crave for that change and especially after living in the same house for a very long time, change is all we want. We crave for new furniture, new paint on the wall but if the floor is losing its shine then perhaps it is time to change the flooring!

So the time has come and you are ready with so much zeal to revamp that home with an elegant touch on the floors. Unfortunately, it dawns on you that choosing that floor is quite daunting since you get overwhelmed by choices and you become indecisive on what choice will be stylish, the best and serve the purpose for the use and abuse of your entire household!

But the good news is, with the right floor dealers, you get advice on finding the latest and unique floor ideas that have reasonable pricing. And nothing beats the satisfaction you get from using your fortune to purchase flooring that does not fall out of style after five years of use.

There are different kinds of flooring which are extremely consistent in 2019 the common being the hard surface flooring which consists of vinyl, wood, tile and laminate Manufacturers are gradually gravitating toward replicating the natural wood and stone flooring trends. For the soft surface flooring, carpets form their own kind of niche and are the most popular flooring option in 2019 and just like hard surface flooring, manufacturers are working around the clock to produce never-before-seen carpet looks and trends.

These are the top flooring ideas trending this year:

Wood-look flooring: wood look flooring in laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile has been trending for years now dominating the top position for years now.

Waterproof flooring: in 2019 you can now purchase waterproof flooring in laminate, vinyl and even carpet! Gone are the days when tiles were your only waterproof flooring.

Textured flooring: imitating the classic hardwood it is handscraped, wirebrushed and fully distressed in wood. Laminate among others.

Environmentally responsible flooring: in 2019, home owners want their floors to be natural, renewable and recyclable.

It is evident that there is a lot going on in the flooring industry at the moment. There are plenty of different, unique options trending that will likely stick around for years to come, meaning your possibilities are endless.

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