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Introducing our Sanitary Ware Division

By Anne Kamau July 09, 2019 0 comments

Sanitary ware is everywhere! That’s why we make it a priority to keenly pay attention to our clients’ taste and preference while remaining sensitive to their budget.

Alibhai Shariff is a Kenyan company which has partnered with globally leading brands. The Projects division mainly focuses on the sanitaryware and flooring requirements within the construction industry. This is achieved by a keen and dedicated team that listens and actualizes as per our clients’ needs and specifications.

Our products answer the questions of aesthetics, functionality, affordability and quality. To bridge this market gap, we have partnered with globally leading brands like Twyford, Lixil(Grohe and Cobra), Geesa, Sanit, Blanco, Jab and Altro just to name a few. Our legal partnerships allow us to give valid warranties on each brand, which varies from 5 to 25 years depending on the item in question.

Every first Friday of every month, we host market players for our monthly product awareness event at our showroom. Our invitees vary from plumbers to architects to engineers and even contractors and developers. Anyone who is basically working on a construction project is invited. The key objective during this event is to create awareness on our brands and build product knowledge. This is through live presentations and open forums. In this event, we go through the different categories in each brand and what makes them relevant to one project as opposed to another. Also discussed are the design aspects of each brand and how each generally compares to the rest.

How this is helpful to you as an attendee is first, during the specification process. You clearly get guidance on what to include as per the client you are attending to while still paying attention to your three pillars. Secondly, when you receive a quote from us, you get a better understanding on what our thought process was while doing that quotation. Finally, it aids in being knowledgeable about the product which is relevant during your client meetings.

In addition, we have an open forum where you get to interact with other attendees over a cold or warm drink and a few bitings. This allows you to grow your network as you exchange notes. Our team also takes you round the showroom allowing you to get a feel of the products and also see what they look like. Why this is important is that, you get to relate what was presented and allows you the opportunity to ask any pending questions you might have.

To find out more, you are welcomed to our event, every first Friday of every month. To book a slot at the event, you can send an email to brenda[at]



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