Dayliff AVS 30

Dayliff AVS 30

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The AVS is an Automatic Voltage Switcher rated at 30 Amps (AVS30). The AVS will switch off the equipment connected to it if the mains power goes outside preset acceptable limits and will re-connect automatically when the mains power returns to normal. Re-connection takes place after a delay (‘the start-up delay’) to ensure the stability of the mains.

In addition, the start-up delay provides protection against power-back surges commonly experienced after the resumption of power in a power cut situation. Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection against these commonly occurring events.

Particularly suitable for protecting expensive pumps against:

• Over-voltage
• Under-voltage
• Surges / Spikes
• Power back surges


• Protects and prolongs the useful life of electrical appliances
• Eliminates the need to switch off appliances every time the electricity fails
• Safeguards valuable electrical appliances at all times
• Very low-cost protection in relation to the value of appliances
• Different models available

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