Crown transeal-acrylic clear finish(brick,stone,quary,tiles)

Crown transeal-acrylic clear finish(brick,stone,quary,tiles)

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Transeal can be applied to unpainted concrete, brick, stone etc, to produce an attractive,? eggshell or semi-gloss clear finish which will be more dust-resistant and more easily cleaned than the bare substrate. Transeal can also be applied over matt emulsion paint to produce a semi-gloss finish or over wallpapers to render them more washable. This versatile product can also be mixed with PVA emulsion paint to increase the sheen level of the finish.

An attractive finish can be obtained by applying Transeal to quarry tiles prior to the application of wax polish.

Transeal is designed for interior use and should not be applied to exterior surfaces subjected to strong sunlight.

Characteristics:? A unique formulation based on a special PVA Co-polymer emulsion which has a white? opaque appearance in the container, but produces a clear film after application.

Advantages:? Transfers a matt finish into an eggshell or semi-gloss, washable surface. Enhances the? features of the substrate. Seals porous surfaces prior to the application of wax? polish. Easy to apply and economical. Water thinnable.

Finish:? Eggshell or semi-gloss. The sheen level can be varied by the amount of water added,? increased thinning will reduce the sheen level.

Application:? By brush, roller or spray.? When coating porous surfaces such as brick, stone, quarry tiles etc, application by brush is recommended to improve penetration and adhesion.

Thinning:? Transeal should be thinned with clean water to ease brushing consistency. Considerable? thinning will be required when coating porous surfaces. Stir well before use.

Drying times:? Transeal dries extremely quickly, especially when applied to porous surfaces and can be? recoated in 3-4 hours.

Spreading capacity:? 12-16? m2/l when applied to a smooth, non-porous surface Spreading capacity will be considerably reduced when coating? unsealed, porous and textured surfaces.

Equipment cleaner:? Water.

Colour range:? Clear

Pack sizes:? litre, 4 litres and 20 litres

Availability:? From? Crown Depots? in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and, by arrangement, through Crown Stockists.


Brick, stone, concrete, quarry tiles etc:? Prepare surface (refer data sheet (sp 3). Apply by brush 1 coat of Transeal, thinned with clean water to brushing viscosity. If necessary apply a 2nd? coat after 3-4 hours in dry conditions.

Stone, concrete, quarry tile floors should be immediately protected with several applications of wax polish.

Matt emulsion and textured painted surfaces:? Ensure the surfaces are thoroughly clean and apply by brush, roller or spray, 1 or 2 coats of Transeal. To ease brushing on textured surfaces, thin with clean water.? When mixing Transeal with PVA emulsion paint, thorough dispersion is necessary to obtain a uniform sheen level.


Do not apply any type of varnish on timber floors if:

  1. the timber is known to have been fixed with a bitumen-based adhesive which could react with the solvent in the varnish and/or
  2. the timber or floor structure is damp or is known to have a history of rising damp due to faulty structure, absence of damp-proof course or for any other reason.

In these circumstances, sealing of the floor with a single or two-pack varnish could cause the complete floor to lift.

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