Crown silk vinyl emulsion

Crown silk vinyl emulsion

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Offers good stain protection with vibrant colours which last for years, and also provide a silk-like finish with sheen on walls.

Crown Silk Vinyl is a high-quality co-polymer emulsion paint with a fashionable silky finish which is extremely tough and washable. Ideal for domestic use in kitchens, bathrooms, stores, washrooms and passages and particularly recommended for use in hospitals, food processing areas etc. In addition to plaster, stone etc, Crown Silk Vinyl can be used on timber and is particularly suitable for use in office complexes on wallboards/partitioning etc.

Characteristics:Ɔ™…¡ A formulated vinyl emulsion paint incorporating the finest quality pigments.

Advantages:Ɔ™…¡ Very tough, washable finish. Attractive silk appearance. Can be more speedily and economically applied than oil-based eggshell paints. Low odour. Quick drying. No special primers or thinners required.

Finish:Ɔ™…¡ Semi-gloss, sheen finish.

Application:Ɔ™…¡ Brush, roller or spray equipment.

Thinning:Ɔ™…¡ Supplied ready to use and thinning is not necessary except for spray application or for application to porous surfaces. Where necessary thin with clean water but avoid over-thinning as this will affect the opacity. Stir well before use.

Spreading Capacity:Ɔ™…¡ See table below in m2/l

Surface type New or Unpainted Previously painted
Smooth- Lime Plaster 10 -12 13 Ƃ¡‚… 15
Cement-Wood 10 -12 12 -14
Bag Wash-Concrete Blocks 5 -7 6 Ƃ¡‚… 8
Tyrolean / Roughcast 2 Ƃ¡‚… 4 3 Ƃ¡‚… 5

Equipment Cleaner:Ɔ™…¡ Water

Colour range:Ɔ™…¡ Available in a selection of pastel colours chosen from the various colour charts and is available on the Crown dispensing system.

Pack Sizes:Ɔ™…¡ 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 litres.

Availability:Ɔ™…¡ FromƆ™…¡ Crown DepotsƆ™…¡ in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and throughƆ™…¡ Crown Stockists.


New, unpainted Walls, Wallboards, Soft board Ceiling etc. Prepare surface (see appropriate surface data sheet). Apply 1 coat Crown Vinyl Matt Emulsion of the same shade. Apply 2 or 3 coats Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion.

Previously Painted Surfaces in Sound Condition:Ɔ™…¡ (Matt Emulsion or Similar finish): Prepare the surface. Apply 2 coats Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion (see Note 1 below).

Previously Painted Surfaces in Poor Condition:Ɔ™…¡ Thoroughly remove all loose, flaking and powdery paint down to the original substrate if necessary. Friable and porous walls should be primed with Crown Penetrating Primer. Apply 2 coats Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion (see Note 1 below).

Previously Gloss Painted Surfaces:Ɔ™…¡ Prepare surface Ƃ¡‚… ensure that the gloss finish is thoroughly rubbed down to provide a key. Apply 1 coat of Crown Undercoat of the required shade (the application of water-based paints directly to a gloss finish is not recommended). Apply 2 coats Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion.


  1. When overcoating a dark surface or where a distinct colour change is required the application of 1 coat of Crown Vinyl Matt Emulsion is recommended to obtain obliteration of the original colour, prior to applying 2 coats of Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion.
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